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Welcome to Chez Carole Resort Phu Quoc Island

If hospitality was a language, Chez Carole Resort & Spa would be its academy. This Vietnamese paradisiac island is heaven in this world where you will find tranquility and enjoyment, Chez Carole Resort & Spa is certainly the nicest place to stay. Located away from the hustle of the city and in the middle of a lush environment, you will enjoy all the modern facilities that you can expect from a three star resort. Chez Carole Resort & Spa will help you to reach your inner peace during your well-deserved vacations.

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Longest Private Beach on the Island

With more than 100 meters of private beach and surrounded by a 5 kilometers long beach, it is the perfect spot for shell hunting and long walks. For those who prefer the poolside, our infinity pool will welcome you with its gorgeous view on the beach.

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Chez Carole Resort Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc Resort – Phu Quoc Restaurant Chez Carole – Phu Quoc Island Viet Nam.

Phu Quoc Island has long been considered a haven where the world’s most beautiful people go to relax. To live the good life, renting a guest room at the Carole Resort Phu Quoc will do just fine.
Phu Quoc Island has a tropical climate which has three seasons: High, Shoulder and Low Season.

High Season: During the period between November to March, where the daily maximum temperature is typically and on average about 31°C, and the daily minimum temperatures (before sunrise) about 23°C. The skies are generally sunny, with possibly some light high cloud in early morning that clears by mid-morning, and the humidity is at it lowest throughout the year.
Shoulder Season: During the period between April to June and late October, where the temperatures are a bit higher than during the high season, and the humidity around 80-85%. Crowds are less during this time and good chances of reasonable weather.
Low Season: During the period between July to September, which is dominated by the monsoons.

In brief, you will really appreciate your holidays in Phu Quoc island, so do not hesitate, and come on in…

Chez Carole resort & restaurant Phu Quoc

Chez Carole Resort & Restaurant Phu Quoc